Free Qnexa Review for Australians

So, what is Qnexa? Does it work? And more importantly, can you really lose weight easily by taking a diet pill?

Qnexa is an FDA approved weight loss aid. (The FDA is the Food and Drug Administration). It’s a good thing when the FDA gives a stamp of approval to a diet pill so it’s a promising start in our opinion. However, bear in mind that just because a product is FDA approved, it doesn’t mean that it is an effective weight loss product. Qnexa is made by a company called Vivus. Vivus is a publicly traded company in the good old USA who invent therapies and products to combat obesity and other health issues.

What’s in Qnexa?

Qnexa is a hybrid of the two weight loss pills, phentermine and topiramate.

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant. These suppressants are particularly effective for people who have difficulty saying no to food. Phentermine was approved by the FDA in the late 1950s and has been available over the counter ever since. There is nothing ground breaking here.

Phentermine is recommended for extremely obese patients. It purportedly works by releasing chemicals in the brain that make you feel full. This is a good way to lose weight. But, there are several side effects associated with Phentermine. It is similar to amphetamines and is considered a controlled substance.

On the positive side, Phentermine has proven to be an effective appetite suppressant. It is not a miracle ingredient but you should see steady weight loss.
Topiramate, the second part of Qnexa, is also known as topamax, and is another FDA approved ingredient. It generally hasn’t been used to treat obesity. It has been primarily used as an epilepsy prevention product. We would like to see more clinical studies before we jump on the Topiramate bandwagon so offer no comment on this.

Does Qnexa work?

According to the manufacturers, “it is believed Qnexa will great reduce appetite than Phentermine or Topiramate alone as well as show that it is a safer drug than either substance by itself.” That statement doesn’t show a lot of confidence by the makers of Qnexa. On a more positive note, some of the clinical studies for Qnexa sound encouraging. The patients in the clinical study were asked to reduce daily calorie intake by 500 calories and exercise 3 times a week, so it is hard to discern if the weight loss was due to the changed lifestyle or Qnexa. Qnexa has been tested in extensive trials and the result show that the average person will lose 10-15% of their body weight in 13 months

Is Qnexa safe?

Like many prescription weight loss pills, Qnexa has side effects. This is the MAJOR worry with Qnexa. The common side effects of Qnexa patients during clinical studies were as follows:


>> Is Qnexa worth purchasing?

We say NO. There is little doubt the drug works, panelists said, but potential side effects such as massive depression, memory loss, increased heart rate and birth defects were a major worry.

"This medication, in term of efficacy, is far superior than anything that's on the market. The concerns we have are with safety," said Dr. Abraham Thomas of Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

At the end of the day, it's up to you - yes it will help you lose weight and it is the most advanced pill ever, BUT, there are potential serious side effects and these factors far outweigh the benefits of taking Qnexa.


>> If Qnexa is too risky, what is the best diet pill?

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